Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Building Communities through Sport, Culture and Recreation

This web site has been developed to provide easy access to tools, resources, information and contacts that will be of assistance to you, as a community leader, in the development and implementation of sport, culture and recreation programs in your Saskatchewan community.

Sport, culture and recreation can help build communities and leaders of tomorrow. There are so many benefits to being involved. Your leadership is crucial to providing participation opportunities for all Saskatchewan people.

Community Resource Guide

An overview of sport, culture and recreation “global” organizations designed to assist community leaders in the development and implementation of sport, culture and recreation programs in Saskatchewan. 

Program Considerations

The following programs are examples that can be utilized when developing grassroots sport, culture, and recreation
programs that will provide extensive opportunities for participation, skill achievement and leadership development
throughout the community.

Sport Development Program Considerations:
• “Fair Play” education and programs
• Coaching development (NCCP Technical and Theory)
• Officials development
• Formation of youth sport teams, leagues and clubs
• “Learn To” programs and/or clinics
• Youth tournaments and sports events

Recreation Development Program Considerations:
• Fitness leadership programs
• Play leadership programs
• Summer playground programs
• Fitness/Active Living programs
• Youth programs (i.e. Scouts, Guides, and Cadets)
• Square dance committees

Culture Development Program Considerations:
• Traditional dance programs
• Language workshops
• Traditional craft workshops
• Workshops or program development in the areas of drawing, drama, painting, writing, dance, theatre and music
• Archeological digs or excursions
• Genealogical workshops, family history projects
• Cross-cultural workshops
• Culture camps
• Storytelling programs
• Musical jam sessions


A range of tools to assist community leaders in the areas of grant-writing and program development.

Grant Writing Tips
Sections of the Grant
Do’s and Don’ts of Proposal Writing
Writing and Layout Tips
Sample Budget
Glossary of Terms
Grant Types
Time Management Tips
Organizational Tips
Program Considerations

Funding for Sport, Culture & Recreation

A range of funding programs are available that will help cover some of the costs of providing sport, culture and recreation programs in Saskatchewan communities.  Some funding programs are available to specifically support First Nations and Métis sport, culture and recreation participation.