Tuesday, November 20, 2018

An overview of sport, culture and recreation “global” organizations designed to assist community leaders in the development and implementation of sport, culture and recreation programs in Saskatchewan.  

  • Saskatchewan Lotteries
    For an overview of the lottery fundraiser that supports over 12,000 community-based sport, culture and recreation organizations in Saskatchewan visit http://www.sasklotteries.ca/about-us/who-we-are.htm

  • Tri-global Partnership
    There are three organizations which review funding proposals for their respective areas of sport, culture
    and recreation in Saskatchewan. These organizations, known within the sport, culture and recreation
    community as “the globals”, are SaskCulture Inc., Saskatchewan Parks and Recreation Association Inc.
    and Sask Sport Inc.

    Sask Sport Inc. is a non-profit federation of provincial sport and service organizations that strive to
    ensure that all people can participate in sport. Sask Sport Inc. operates Saskatchewan Lotteries and, on
    behalf of the global organizations, administers the Saskatchewan Lotteries Trust Fund for Sport, Culture
    and Recreation and the Saskatchewan Lotteries Community Grant program.

    SaskCulture Inc. is a community-driven, non-profit organization that works with its members and its
    community partners to build a culturally vibrant Saskatchewan where all citizens celebrate, value and
    participate in a rich cultural life.

    Saskatchewan Parks and Recreation Association Inc. (S.P.R.A.) is a non-profit, volunteer organization
    that is committed to the development and growth of Parks and Recreation throughout the province of

  • Saskatchewan Ministry of Parks, Culture and Sport
    The Ministry supports, celebrates and helps build pride in Saskatchewan.  The Ministry's strategic focus is on tourism enhancement, quality of life and economic growth.  The Ministry works with diverse groups and communities to: enhance the province's cultural, artistic, recreational and social life; promote excellence in the arts, culture, heritage and sport; and to support a vibrant and growing arts and cultural community.  The Ministry supports and promotes Saskatchewan tourism, manages and enhances Saskatchewan's provincial parks system, conserves ecosystems and cultural resources and provides recreation and interpretive opportunities for park visitors. http://www.tpcs.gov.sk.ca/

  • Funding  
    Click HERE for key information on the funding available from the Saskatchewan Lotteries Trust Fund to support recreation, sport and cultural programs and services in Saskatchewan.

  • Contacts
    These organizations encourage you to contact them with questions or for more information on sport, culture and recreation activities in your community.
    Sask Sport Inc.
    SaskCulture Inc.
    Saskatchewan Parks and Recreation Association Inc.
    • Federation of Saskatchewan Indian Nations
    Tribal Councils & First Nations
    • Metis Nation - Saskatchewan

  • Maps 
    Helpful maps that showcase the different areas of Saskatchewan and how they fit into the lottery-funded delivery system for sport, culture and recreation.
    First Nations in Saskatchewan
    Sport, Culture and Recreation Districts

  • Miscellaneous
    A range of tools to assist community leaders in the areas of grant-writing and program development.
    Grant Writing Tips
    Sections of the Grant
    Do’s and Don’ts of Proposal Writing
    Writing and Layout Tips
    Sample Budget
    Glossary of Terms
    Grant Types
    Time Management Tips
    Organizational Tips
    Program Considerations